Sunday, 30 December 2012

Just who is McKie

We said we would have more news soon! Here's another taster of what's to come, but just who is McKie??

Thursday, 27 December 2012

A taste of what's to come

While Bhuna is concentrating on finalising the look and feel of the characters whilst the script for issue one is being polished we thought you'd like to see a little taster of what's to come without giving too much away.

More news soon.

Moses Valentine

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Welcome to Killing Moon by Pigdog Press

Back in his younger days an illustrator called Mark Roche used to try and write any illustrate a story for a Manchester comic called Totally Alien. A certain Steve Yowell was the star artist just before he started working on some story called 'Zenith'!!

This story was called Moses Valentine who was the leader of a group of assassins called Killing Moon.

Now this was back in 1986 and Mr Roche was a young if somewhat lethargic artist who would start something but never finish it off.

Now some 26 years later his younger brother and small press artist Bhuna (Dr WTF, Speed Date & Buck Tucker for Vanguard Comic) and enigmatic American writer Locusts (El Bigote , Dr WTF, Jikan for Paragon Comics) have taken up the challenge to resurrect Moses Valentine.

Initially the new strip will consist of 4 issues and will be around 12 pages per issue in glorious full colour. There will also be guest artists who will be invited to feature their take on the characters featured in the strip. The first issue is scheduled for going to print late 2013 and will be distributed in the UK and the USA

Here are some of the artwork from the original 1986 strip. Artwork by Mark (Pigdog) Roche
(all artwork © Pigdog Press)